What is FansRevenue?

FansRevenue is THE fanbase monetization platform serving content creators, online models, and influencers with various audiences and type of content.  FansRevenue  sparks collaboration opportunities between content creators and exclusive, open-minded brands across industries. Powered by Crakrevenue, the #1 CPA network, the FansRevenue platform mixes the best from affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and digital marketing strengths, turning content creators into money makers.

How can I join FansRevenue?

First, join FansRevenue on our web app from your phone or desktop. Registration is completely free.  Then, browse through our various brands and products to promote. Select one of our self-serve offers that you wish to promote or request to unlock specific offers on social media. Our team will look at your profile and confirm whether or not you would be a great match for a given advertiser.

How many followers do I need to join FansRevenue?

It depends on the offers you’re interested in promoting. Some offers require content creators to have as few as 10,000 followers. Others require a greater audience of at least 500,000 followers. However, all requests to promote brands are reviewed no matter how many followers a content creator has. Get in touch with our FansRevenue team to find out which brand would match best with your content creator profile.

What type of content can I use to promote offers?

You can promote offers with short videos or pictures on TikTok, Facebook or Instagram. You could also create longer videos on YouTube or eye-catching captions on Twitter. We work with a number of influencers on different platforms. Keep in mind that each offer on the FansRevenue app has a set of guidelines telling you what type of content would make it shine best. In doubt, ask one of our influencer marketing experts, and we will give you more details.

Where do I start to make money online?

There are many ways to make money online, but the best place to start is by building your audience. Advertisers will be more likely to work with creators  with a solid audience. Make sure that the content you post is designed for your followers, and that you get  a lot of engagement with your posts. Once your social media following is built, create an account on FansRevenue to start promoting our offers.

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