Getting ready to promote with FansRevenue

Getting ready to promote with FansRevenue

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January 12, 2024

You’ve found the perfect brand to promote. Now what? Here are tips and best practices you need to know to start promoting and making money.

Now that you’ve found a collab that resonates with your audience, you can work on your social media strategy and start generating original content ideas.

To ensure a long-lasting partnership with the brand you are about to promote, it is essential to respect its guidelines, as well as the content restrictions established by the social media platform(s) you use.

Adopting the following tips and practices will help you craft top-notch content, write compelling messages, earn maximum dollars, and avoid getting your content reported or your social media account banned.

Get familiar with the brand

This one may sound obvious, but we wouldn’t mention it if most content creators didn’t tend to overlook this practice.

Visiting the brand’s official website, reading the brief (when available), trying the product or service for yourself or at least understanding its main features and how it benefits the customers are the basis of well-executed brand ambassadorship.

Doing so will help you fine-tune your call-to-actions and define the selling points you’ll use in your content.

Check out the Do’s and Don’ts

A brand likes to advertise itself consistently, so it’s important to meet the guidelines provided to you. Focus on the selling points the brand wants to highlight through your content.

See how the brand presents itself on social media and communicates benefits rather than features.

Avoid ambiguous or misleading messages.
Don’t replace or alter the brand’s logo, colors and slogan.

Adapt the brand’s key messages to your voice and identity while ensuring consistency with key brand terms.

Don’t incorporate other brands in your sponsored content or explicitly compare the brand you promote to its competitors. Also, avoid posting the same exact message or content multiple times.

And above all: make sure to use your custom FansRevenue link and, when required, have your content approved before posting!

Extra tip: Engage on the brand’s social media posts. This will reinforce your relationship with the brand and your audience’s trust in you.

Inspire yourself from content examples

An excellent way to familiarize yourself with the brand’s tone, personality and posting practices is to subscribe to all its social media accounts and study not only the posts, reels, stories and captions, but the whole flow from post to cart.

This way, you’ll get a fair amount of inspiration and a good idea of what can be said and what can’t. We’ll dive deeper into adult content and social media in another article.

You can also ask our dedicated support team for help and tips.

Follow these principles and you’ll most likely turn your next pieces of content into money-making magnets!

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