How do I get paid as a Content Creator?

How do I get paid as a Content Creator?

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January 14, 2024

Learn the different payout types, terms, and payment methods available to you as a FansRevenue Creator.

There are multiple ways to get paid as a Content Creator.

Depending on which product or service you promote, you may prefer to earn a fixed payout rate for each new customer you generate through your offer link, or receive a share of all purchases made by your referred customers… forever! 🤑

Let’s dive deeper into each option:

How do I get paid with FansRevenue?

As an Influencer Marketing expert & dedicated partner for your social media business, FansRevenue provides you with multiple payout options.

Several types of payout are offered with FansRevenue collabs:

  • Pay-per-post: Once your content is approved and posted, you get paid a fixed commission for promoting regardless of subscriptions or sales generated.
  • Pay-Per-Sale: Each fan who clicks on your link and makes a purchase on your promoted site earns you a fixed commission under this payout model. Sometimes, Advertisers only require your fans to complete a premium subscription by providing a valid email address and credit card, with no purchase required. A good way to make money in your sleep!
  • Pay-Per-Spender: With this option, you’ll earn a fixed payout rate each time a member who subscribed through your link spends the minimum required amount on the brand’s website. This option often pays you more since you bring high-quality traffic!
  • Commission (% RevShare): This model can be your passive income source in the long run. Each time one of the customers you referred through your offer link makes a purchase on the promoted brand’s website, you will earn a fixed percentage (revenue share) of all sales generated… FOR LIFE! 🤑

Extra tip: Promote more than one brand and experiment different payout types! This will allow you to understand which options work best with your content strategy.

It will also help create stable and balanced revenue streams, including regular payouts (from pay-per-post, pay-per-sale and pay-per-spender collabs) and long-term revenue (from revshare commissions).

What is the payment method available at FansRevenue?

Minimum payout is $100 but can be easily increased to 500$ or 1000$ in the profile section.

Our default payment term is Net 30 (Bi-Monthly), which means you can get paid up to twice a month (on the 15th and last day of the month), 30 days after the end of the payment period once you’ve reached the minimum payout.

For example: If you reach your minimum payout during the May 1 to May 15 period, your payment will be sent on June 15. If you reach your minimum payout during the June 16 to 30 period, your payment will be sent on July 31st.

Any questions about payments? Feel free to email us at

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