Which social media platform should I start with?

Which social media platform should I start with?

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June 6, 2022

When setting up your influencer marketing strategy, picking the right social media platform to set up your personal online brand might seem like an easy or obvious. Still, it’s also a crucial milestone in building a solid base for your influencer brand.

Before you even start thinking about what to post, how to gain engagement, and which campaign would work for you so you can start making money, you have to ensure that the social media platform(s) you use are the right fit for your niche and target audience. Depending on goals and strategy, different platforms might better suit different influencers.

To help you decide, here’s a list of what each of the biggest players brings to the table. There are a lot of social media tools and apps out there, but we’ll explore 5 of the best-suited platforms for influencer campaigns.

Let’s dive into social media platforms’ pros and cons.

Instagram for your influencer marketing strategy

Instagram is an undeniable force for influencers looking to make money online in 2022. Many sources cite that 69% of brands and businesses are planning on investing most of their social media marketing budget in Instagram – that’s six times more than Youtube, which stands at about 11%.

And with Instagram launching Reels and investing in their video features, there are hardly any downsides to building your influencer marketing strategy on this platform. People are starving for content, paid or not!

Instagram also offers an array of features that are perfect for influencer campaigns, from links in your stories and bio to collaborations, tags, and hashtags that allow influencers to get their name and reputation out there.

Online presence is key! Nearly every brand and business has an Instagram account these days, which means that no matter what niche or market you’re interested in, you’ve got a chance to find and land campaigns that go hand in hand with your target audience. It’s almost too easy to make money with this platform!

Whether it’s cryptocurrency, fashion and lifestyle, health products, entertainment, or travel, there’s space for you to make your mark and connect with brands, offers, and even other influencers that fit your goals.

It’s not all nice and shiny, however, because the downside to Instagram is that the platform has pretty strict rules and guidelines. For a few niches and markets, it can be tricky to post about specific topics or products without running the risk of getting your account suspended. And once it’s gone, you have to start over.

In short, Instagram is great for posting content with a strong visual impact and for connecting with virtually every brand and business in the world. However, if you’re in a more touchy industry, such as adult entertainment or certain health offers, you might want to consider investing more time in a different platform.

Tiktok pros and cons

The main pro when it comes to Tiktok is that it’s got one massive strength in its corner: it’s new, and right now, new and shiny online platforms are all the rage. If it’s a right fit for your brand, now’s the time to get in on it and establish your influencer strategy.

Tiktok also draws a different audience than other platforms – or rather, a wider audience. Younger and older people that might not use Instagram, Youtube, or other social media tools are giving this new platform a try, so this is your chance to broaden your reach and engagement and draw in even more followers.

Because it’s new, not every brand or business is on the platform yet, which can be both a pro and a con. On the one hand, it doesn’t allow you to connect with as many businesses online and might lead you to miss out on certain campaigns that could bring in a good chunk of money.

On the other hand, however, it allows the platform to still feel organic and less focused on promoted posts and paid content, so you can create videos without worrying too much about format or originality.

It also allows for more flexibility and creativity in influencer marketing campaigns. So if you’re interested in the short video format and feel like your brand matches this type of content, Tiktok might be for you.

Tiktok can be effective in a wide variety of niches and markets, from fashion and beauty influencers to financial tips and tricks.

People using Tiktok are big fans of educational or informational content, hacks, and product reviews and recommendations.

Youtube features and benefits

It’s no secret: with the rise of Youtubers over a decade ago, Youtube was one of the first and most prominent online players in monetized influencer content. Influencer marketing campaigns have been a thing on Youtube for years now, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

If there’s one platform that remains consistent, it’s this one!

And with monetization and ads on videos, it’s pretty easy to make some money from posts and campaigns on this platform.

One pro of using Youtube is that it doesn’t have any restrictions on the length of videos, which makes it an interesting platform for influencers to create paid content across various markets. It’s also easier to work a marketing campaign into a post if it’s a longer video!

Lifestyle and fitness content, for example, is especially well-suited for this platform.

The fact that videos also remain available on your channel and allow for channel “binge-watching” is a great way to ensure that consistent engagement and revenue continue to stream in over time.

The cons of using Youtube are that demonetization is a risk you run when creating content, and video posts don’t suit all kinds of markets out there. Certain posts are harder to sell on Youtube because they are better suited for static images or texts.

Take your time to really find the right fit for your business rather than picking the most popular platform out there.

Blogs: an underrated force

With new social media platforms popping up all over the place and Tiktoks, Reels, and Shorts features being added left and right, it can be easy for influencers to get lost in the short video craze and forget that they can’t go wrong with a classic.

Blogs have been around for years, and although countless new tools have been launched since then, they remain one of the most consistent and effective ways to share your opinions and create a strong connection with people who have similar interests.

Through blog posts, you can post reviews, “best of” or “worst of” lists, and countless other kinds of written content that allows for a seamless marketing campaign flow.

You can also easily include links and visuals that keep your paid content fresh, engaging, and appealing to your followers. It’s the one platform that allows you to post in whatever format you prefer without restrictions.

You can embed videos and videos and keep your engagement up by inviting your readers to comment and share. It’s no different than other social media platforms out there!

The one con is that blogs are less accessible in this new fast consumption era. People are looking to scroll through content quickly, and blog posts are the opposite.

But if it’s a right fit for your niche, having a blog is definitely a crucial tool to add to your influencer marketing strategy. Markets such as technology, product reviews, and financial advice, for example, can be great matches for blog posts.

Twitter for spicier content

It’s plain and simple: if you’re looking to build an influencer strategy in the world of adult content and adult entertainment, Twitter is the way to go.

Twitter is the one platform where guidelines allow you to create adult publications without restrictions, allowing you to share videos or photos online to your heart’s content.

The con is that making money from paid content or posts on Twitter is more challenging, and most brands don’t invest much in Twitter marketing campaigns. But using Twitter to promote premium content or affiliate links can easily bring in a good chunk of revenue if you have an audience interested in your posts.

So although Twitter isn’t exactly the first choice for consistent influencer marketing strategies, it’s still a worthy tool if you want to share offers, products, or brands that don’t fit in other platforms’ guidelines. It’s an excellent way for you to widen your reach and explore different markets.

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