Using humor as the basis for ED awareness marketing to reach a wider audience and destigmatize erectile dysfunction solutions

4 February 2022

Some taboos are harder to break (no pun intended). And while erectile dysfunction is a challenging topic to discuss, especially among Millenials, it’s a subject that deserves to be explored and explained without any restriction or shame.

Yet imagine the challenges of promoting an online service for men focused on sexual health and education. There are advertising restrictions, creative guidelines… and, oh, a lot of social stigmas.

It’s no secret: today’s younger generations are experiencing unparalleled levels of performance anxiety. And as sex becomes more entangled with our popular culture than ever, these two sensitive topics can easily mesh together to form one big stressful mess.

Sex seems to be everywhere these days, especially across social media platforms, where Millenials and Gen Z creators share and discuss their personal experiences. From this kind of content can arise new fears and insecurities that weren’t on anybody’s lips in the past.

Sexual performance issues aren’t exactly something younger generations are comfortable discussing, whether with their partner or health specialists. And the lack of information and widespread misconceptions on the subject certainly aren’t helping.

This is where FansRevenue intervenes as a trail-blazing matchmaker between brands and popular influencers. Its goal: help BlueChew open the discussion among young men to turn a taboo topic into engaging content and boost sales.

The truth about social stigma

It’s nearly impossible not to care about what other people might think of us. At some point, outside opinions end up affecting us one way or another. Not that it’s all bad; after all, isn’t it how we find consensus and progress as a society, among other things?

Issues arise when our perception of different topics becomes influenced by what others pretend to know. More often than we think, the real problem is how we perceive the issue more than the issue itself.

With the rise of the internet, social media, and widespread information, younger generations are more equipped than ever to search and find accurate information on various topics. Still, persisting myths and a lack of education cultivate the stigma and damage their motivation to do more than wrongfully accept their condition as a fatality.

But there’s hope!

Here are the most common myths linked to ED:

  • It’s an issue only encountered by older men;
  • It’s a normal part of the aging process;
  • It’s only psychological and mainly occurs because of relationship problems;
  • It’s always a condition, never a symptom;
  • There’s only one solution: the blue pill.

Spoiler alert: these couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s drop some quick facts.

What is erectile dysfunction

Also known as impotence, erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain an erection firm enough for sexual activity.

Having occasional difficulty maintaining an erection is normal and not necessarily a concern. However, it can also be a sign of an underlying health condition that needs treatment. If this situation occurs more frequently and consistently disrupts your sex life, you may receive an ED diagnosis.

The possible causes can be physical or psychological. Experts broadly agree that ED is the most common form of sexual dysfunction among men. About 30 million men in the U.S. are affected by erectile dysfunction, and 1 in 10 men will experience ED at some point in their life.

Even though the risk of erectile dysfunction increases with age, young men can still experience ED. About 26% of men under the age of 40 are affected. Many treatment options are available (oral medications, psychotherapy, vacuum devices, surgery, etc.).

This is where BlueChew comes in.

BlueChew aims to offer a safe and convenient solution for millennial men looking for alternatives to commercially available pills. These chewable tablets, prescribed through its porta,l use the same active ingredients (Sildenafil & Tadalafil) used in FDA-approved medications Viagra™ and Cialis™.

Here’s how the brand has partnered with FansRevenue to break the social stigma surrounding ED.

Shattering taboos

Laughter is the best medicine: it can help reduce pain and stress while making people more inclined to think positively about an issue, brand, or product when an image or campaign is associated with humor.

Multiple approaches exist under a common objective: to create a clear correlation between a brand, product, or service and that good feeling that usually comes with humor.

When done correctly, humorous in advertising has the power to increase persuasiveness, memorability, and purchase intention. Thinking beyond the product is critical!

In BlueChew’s case, the goal of addressing sexual performance issues in a humorous tone was to reduce anxiety among affected individuals and make them more favorable to taking action. I.e., to get their hands on one of the best solutions to ED out there!

Increasing sales by establishing BlueChew as a household name in the U.S. marketing and destigmatizing ED among young adults with influencer marketing is as complex as it sounds. It requires data, resources, and a sharp focus on efficiency and effectiveness. It’s a careful balance!

This is where FansRevenue comes into play.

This innovative fanbase monetization platform and digital marketing tool collaborated with top-tier influencers nurturing a dominant US-male audience to create engaging content focusing on couples and relationships.

All content created integrates Bluechew’s message and is inspired by real-life or satirical situations. The FansRevenue team worked with those carefully curated influencers to drive direct response by creating custom landing pages and creatives. These unique tools aimed to convert target users through a seamless sales funnel.

The team also oversaw contracts and licenses and made sure to adapt content across all of Bluechew’s platforms to ensure the best experience for all audiences. Each social media tool is unique!

Influencer selection was based on audience alignment (age, gender, location, and interests) to ensure that the targetted traffic matched BlueChew’s positioning and audience. The goal was to highlight perfect matches. Nothing less!

A first key relationship was established between BlueChew and Stéphanos, also known as social media influencer and artist chicklet.hf. His audience, personality, and tone were a perfect fit for addressing ED with the right approach while promoting BlueChew’s services.

The rise of influencer marketing

This somewhat new concept isn’t actually rocket science. But with a clear goal and enough data, space might just be the limit.

All in all, this FansRevenue x BlueChew campaign involved seven world-class influencers that cumulated over 26M followers between them.

Not only was this campaign a step toward overcoming challenges associated with promoting ED solutions, but brand awareness and conversions also climbed through the roof.

In 2020 alone, this particular influencer marketing campaign generated:

  • 20,000+ new customers
  • 37,2 M impressions
  • 35,4 M video views
  • 1,6 M likes
  • 82,6 K comments

Curious to see what kind of original content was created for BlueChew? Here’s one example.

This is only the beginning of a promising partnership. We are looking forward to discovering what the future has in store for FansRevenue, BlueChew, and the world of ED chewable solutions.

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