From Taboo to Mainstream: A Look at Seska’s 25-Year Career in the Cam Industry

15 November 2023

From Taboo to Mainstream: A Look at Seska’s 25-Year Career in the Cam Industry From Taboo to Mainstream: A Look at Seska’s 25-Year Career in the Cam Industry

In the late 1990s, Seska worked as an education consultant, and her then-boyfriend was in data entry. Their weekends were filled with exploring the local swinger and fetish club scene and alternative lifestyle message boards. The day Seska found out that women were creating their own amateur porn sites, she was inspired. After six months of weighing the pros and cons, Seska created a porn site about her sex adventures. She acquired the skills to design and code the website while her boyfriend took her photos. Today, Seska is celebrating 25 years of experience in the cam industry. Read her exclusive interview with FansRevenue!

FANSREVENUE: What do you enjoy most about your job, Seska?

SESKA: I’m passionate about sexual expression and pleasure. The older I get, the more fascinated I am. It counters the status quo that older women are sexual or sexy. I love challenging stereotypes around this.

FANSREVENUE: What’s changed in the industry in the last 25 years?

SESKA: The most significant change has been in technology. Now, people can run their own businesses themselves, but they don’t have to do the stuff they don’t know what to do or for which they are not experts. Back then, you had to do everything; now, you don’t have to run your servers, create your billing service, or set up and run your affiliate program. We now have the chance to have specialized people and technologies who can support you, such as FansRevenue, so you can concentrate on what you do best: being in front of a camera and entertaining your viewers.

TheRealSeska (1998)Seska’s first cam show in 1998

FANSREVENUE: What aspects of your job are still surprising you?

SESKA: I’m surprised that I can still be surprised, and I’ve decided to lean into that. There are always new people coming to my chatroom, and even at my age, I can enjoy something new and fun with them.

FANSREVENUE: What is your favorite type of live show?

SESKA: I like it when 3 or more viewers take me for a private show and, one after the other, they share their cam with me. It’s the closest I can get on cam to group sex, which is a favorite of mine.

FANSREVENUE: What are the biggest myths and misconceptions surrounding cam workers?

SESKA: I speak to university classes on this topic, and the biggest myths are the same as they ever were—we are either victims of SA with substance abuse problems or insatiable nymphomaniacs, and we make fast and easy money.

FANSREVENUE: Tell us about one cam model who influenced you.

SESKA: Bella Vendetta (owner of Treasure Cams) is a mentor of mine. We connected as peers, but I appreciate her advice and guidance for today’s style of cam work.

FANSREVENUE: What motivates you to keep working in this field?

SESKA: I’m motivated by creating avenues of pleasure for myself and others. I also know I am good at what I do. The feedback I get from long-time fans and new ones keeps me focused on making this a sustainable, lifelong career for me.

TheRealSeska (2007)Seska in 2007

FANSREVENUE: 25 years as a cam model—what’s next?

SESKA: I want to raise my profile in the industry at large. I want to return to speaking at conferences and hosting workshops on sex work, pleasure, and aging. I’d like to do more collaborations with independent content creators and maybe even some studio work. I want to produce content with and for others. And ultimately, I want to show that a woman with a natural body and gray hair can be vivaciously empowered in her sexuality on her terms.

FANSREVENUE: What are your ultimate tips for newcomers to succeed?

SESKA: Do a deep dive into the pros and cons of the personal impact of doing sex work. Read all the terms and conditions and the help files before signing up to any platform. There is often extra exposure in terms of traffic during your first month, so be prepared before you launch. Also, don’t overthink about what anyone else is doing or not.

“You still have to hustle for traffic and for viewers, you always have to! But now you can also rely on experts to help you get exposure.”

FANSREVENUE: What challenges do cam models face in 2023?

SESKA: First, the push by religious organizations and lobbyists to legislate sex (and sex workers) out of public existence never seems to end. Second, the online boom that happened because everyone lived a virtual life during the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Adjusting to the high cost of living and people spending time and money elsewhere is a challenge, but it is a reality.

FANSREVENUE: What could improve your life as a cam model?

SESKA: I want more data about followers, fans, and paying viewers. I like that data from the camming platforms, but I also want to know what is in my power to turn followers on my SFW social media into paying viewers on my adult-only platforms. However, it’s a privilege to have the support of my agency, Bella. Recognized cam sites such as Treasurecams and Jerkmate give me a lot of visibility. I am thankful to FansRevenue for introducing me to all of these people, recognizing my potential, and providing me with an exciting opportunity.

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