Promote OnlyFans Models to Make Extra Money

Promote OnlyFans Models to Make Extra Money

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June 4, 2024

If you’re part of the creator economy, you know how much the market is wide and how many opportunities one can benefit from! With around 50 million members, it’s the fastest-growing small business type out there. In this article, we’ll tell you all about how promoting OnlyFans Models can help you make more money! If you’re a creator yourself, your first question should be the following.

Promote other OF models. Yes, but why?

You might be part of the lucky OnlyFans creators that reaches the Top 1% target and make thousands of dollars selling your content online. Well, good for you! Now this is not the case for everyone, understanding that most of today’s adult content creators experience a slowdown in traffic, monthly subscriptions, and spending after the first peak when they originally open their premium content account.

How can you continue to make good money with your engaged audience in such a downturn context? How can you keep your subscribers happy and still make money even though your core fans have seen and consume your content over and over, and might be looking for something newer, more exciting to please their kink? This is where “promoting other profiles” becomes relevant!

Leverage Your Followers & Make More Money with Onlyfans

Here’s the deal: OnlyFans Creators work hard to develop a good volume audience on social media that is engaged towards their content.

Some may have never subscribed to their profile, but a portion of their audience subscribed did. And some even purchased their content. But at some point, some fans may have left. Because they consumed what they wanted or because they don’t find what they want anymore on the profile.

When you promote another model, you can give a hand to your followers while giving a hand to yourself! Because each time a fan clicks on the profile from your social media page, you make a profit! OF Offers are in RevShare mostly, with a few options in PPS with payout between 15% and up to 35% and 6$ in PPS (for new subscribers).

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To Give Your Audience Interesting Onlyfans Content alternatives

Without losing your current subscriber base! Because yes, we see how this title can lead you to think, “well, I’m a creator, why would I just offer a way out of my profile?” Be reassured, it’s only a matter of offer range.

It’s a fact. There is no such thing as “one size fits all”! In the same manner, your top returning subscribers might be very pleased with your content: you’re blond with big tits, and you offer a GF experience. But this only answers the taste of a small part of your followers.

What if they like black or curvy girls? What if they like a domination experience? If you look young and shy, sometimes a part of your followers might want to seek a tattooed, extroverted goth creator!

In such a case, do you prefer them to search for themselves, or would you rather promote OnlyFans models and make a profit from all new subscribers? The answer should be obvious.

To Make More Money With Passive Income

If you’ve reached the point where you want to quit doing adult content. Well, you can! But when you promote other OnlyFans Models you can keep monetizing your same audience.

You’ve spent months or even years developing your fanbase with your best content. So quitting making content shouldn’t mean losing all your efforts! When you promote other OnlyFans creators, you make extra cash from passive income in the long run! It’s like you had several accounts!

Extra money earned in a month

Best way to Promote OnlyFans Creators as an Influencer

If you read carefully, this part is the one you can just screenshot as the main principles to keep in mind when it comes to earning money promoting other OnlyFans creators on your social media account.

  • Promote OnlyFans Models you like
  • Promote models that fit with your personality and lifestyle
  • Promote creators you know your audience would dig

Note that you don’t have to be an OnlyFans creator to promote other OnlyFans models! As long as you’re a little edgy in your content and comfortable with somehow promoting adult-friendly content on your social platform, this might be really interesting for you money-wise. Especially if your followers are mostly men!

Agencies, you Can Also Promote OnlyFans Creators

If you’re already promoting your profiles in the marketplace, why not leverage the full potential of your resources? Beyond just showcasing your existing models, consider complementing your portfolio with a diverse range of creators to catch a wider audience.

By exploring the performance of other models, you can identify hidden gems that resonate with different niches. Moreover, if your initial promotions aren’t giving you the desired results, utilize these models as back offers or retargeting offers, especially through email marketing campaigns.

This not only maximizes your chances of conversions but also ensures efficient monetization of models not directly in your agency’s spotlight. It’s a strategic approach to amplifying your reach and profitability in the competitive landscape of model promotion.

Become an OnlyFans Creators Promoter

What are the steps?

Easy! Only 4 steps to follow:

  1. Log in to your FansRevenue account
  2. Browse and select the model you want
  3. Get your approval and receive an affiliate promo link
  4. Post about the model and earn a percentage of the revenue generated by anybody who registered through your link for life.

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How to promote other OnlyFans models?

Now that you know all about this great opportunity to make more money by promoting OnlyFans models, here are a few inputs to help you start:

  • Make a review of your top 5 creators
  • Do one profile/account shoutout every week
  • Send a DM to your fans to introduce a specific model to discover (“model of the week” for example)
  • Tell your fans about this crazy thing or kink you just discovered going through a specific profile (Something you wouldn’t do. But if you had that kink, you would definitely check this profile out!)
  • Add links on your linktree/ link in bio. You can keep your main/ personal profile link top position, but change the other links frequently until you see where you get traction (remember – you’re offering choices and variety)
  • Use the pictures and sales tools offered by FansRevenue to promote the models.


For at least one good reason: Make more money with OnlyFans Models. When you promote an OnlyFans model through FansRevenue, you make a commission % of the spending done on this model (subscription, content purchase, OF live…)

When talking about OnlyFans income, FansRevenue can be your best wingman! It works for OnlyFans content creators as well as agencies that want to make money with OnlyFans!

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Is OnlyFans a good way to make money?

OnlyFans presents a good opportunity to make more money for those consistently sharing content and building a dedicated following. It’s mostly known for adult content creators, but you can also find chefs, fitness trainers, musicians, artists, and beyond. FansRevenue offers a unique opportunity in the industry: promoting adult models. Payouts come through pay-per-sale and revshare commissions on subscriptions and spending made by referred members. New models are added frequently, so stay tuned!

How can influencers and creators promote OnlyFans pages to make money?

Adult creators and adult influencers can leverage FansRevenue’s OnlyFans Models offers to promote OnlyFans accounts. By registering on FansRevenue, they can generate personalized affiliate links for the models they wish to promote. They’ll get paid for every new subscription made through their unique link.

How hard is it to make money with OnlyFans?

Promoting other models is a great way to make more money with OnlyFans. You need to have a strong presence on social media, create engaging content, clear call-to-actions, and a link redirecting to a bio page where users will easily find the model they’re interested in, and that’s where you make money. When the user clicks and signs up. It requires strategic thinking, consistency and creativity.

What types of content can influencers and creators post to make money with OnlyFans?

To promote other OnlyFans models, adult creators can post reels, stories, and shout-outs, among others. There are all sorts of ways to present their favorite models to their fans. They can post carousels on Instagram showing their top 5 favorite models and leverage any type of promo from the models on their socials as long as it is appealing to their audience in order to generate engagement and subscriptions!

How can influencers and creators handle fan interactions to make money with OnlyFans?

Influencers and creators should be responsive and engaged with their fans but also set boundaries to protect their privacy and mental health in order to make more money. They can use features on their account like direct messaging, fan clubs, and live streaming to build closer relationships with their subscribers and provide a more personalized experience.

How can influencers and creators build a loyal fanbase to make more money with OnlyFans?

Influencers and adult creators can build a loyal fanbase with OnlyFans to make more money by providing high-quality content, engaging with their subscribers, and offering exclusive perks or benefits to subscribers. They can also use social media and other platforms to build their brand and attract new fans to their OnlyFans page.

How can influencers and creators balance their personal lives and careers to make money with OnlyFans?

Influencers and creators should set boundaries and prioritize self-care to avoid burnout or overexposure in order to make more money. They can use scheduling tools and content calendars to plan and organize their content and delegate tasks or collaborate with other creators to share the workload.

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