Jerkmate: #1 RevShare Opportunity for Streamate Models

5 December 2023

Jerkmate: #1 RevShare Opportunity for Streamate Models Jerkmate: #1 RevShare Opportunity for Streamate Models

Are you a Streamate model?
Would you like to make more money, even when you’re offline?

If your answer to both questions is yes, pay close attention to what you read here! 👇

It is most likely that you already leverage these ways of earning money through Streamate and its white-labeled platforms, like Jerkmate:

And right now, you are paid a fixed percentage of all user spending generated in your room or with your content by Streamate.

But here’s the thing: you could earn an extra 40% on all user spending! 💰
Not only in your room… but IN ANY OTHER ROOM! 🤑

How? It’s easy! 👇

  1. Create your FansRevenue account (free)
  2. Select the Jerkmate 40% commission offer
  3. Post & promote your custom link to all your fans
    (Detailed instructions below)

Use your social media accounts, OnlyFans page, link-in-bio tool (LinkTree, MyEroLink, etc.) and official website to attract new users on Jerkmate through your custom link, and FansRevenue will pay you 40% of all their spending for life!

Here’s to give you an idea of the extra money you could make with FansRevenue:

These figures are used as examples only.

Why is it the #1 opportunity for you?

In other words, even the most active cam models who spend over 40h a week online will leave money on the table… unless they work with FansRevenue! 👑

There are 168 hours in a week, which means you are offline for at least 128 hours and probably more. That’s a LOT of unexploited potential, right?

Before we launched our Jerkmate 40% offer, the best similar opportunity you could find would earn you no more than 20% of user spending in any room.

Even your premium content subscribers won’t earn you as much money!

This may sound weird at first, but think about it.

Today’s most popular premium content subscription platform will pay its creators 80%, which is slightly higher than Jerkmate and FansRevenue’s combined 75% payout.

👉 Still, users who subscribe to Jerkmate through your FansRevenue link will earn you 90% of all their video purchases, which is above the average payout you get from your favorite premium content platform!

These figures are used as examples only.

But here’s the best part: Jerkmate invests tons of money to attract users into your cam room/content page, while your favorite premium content subscription platform doesn’t.

Extra tip: Have you ever thought of recording your live cam shows and selling them as videos on Jerkmate afterward? 💡💸

So what are you waiting for?

Ready? Let’s get started!

1- Log into your FansRevenue account or create one here for free

2- Select our Jerkmate 40% offer

Jerkmate 40% revshare opportunity for Streamate cam models

3- Customize your room name here

Then, all you have to do is post your link out there, engage with your followers and invite them to join you on Jerkmate! 🚀


Feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any questions!
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