Internet fame has no secrets for Woah Vicky

Internet fame has no secrets for Woah Vicky

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April 4, 2022

Woah Vicky’s rise to fame dates back a few years when she first gained momentum after claiming to be Black and belonging to the Black community. With her extreme look and mannerisms, she was hard to miss and even harder to forget.

Since her quick rise to the top of viral popularity, Victoria Rose Waldrip, also known as “Woah Vicky” across her social media, has turned her fame into various branches of success, including a music career, her own skincare line, and numerous brand deals.

Even though the influencer has come under fire for many outrageous scandals, she boasts millions of followers across her social media platforms. Here’s how Woah Vicky made it and how you can make it too.

Who is Woah Vicky? American star biography

Top Instagram star and Youtuber Woah Vicky, also known as Victoria Rose Waldrip, was born on March 7, 2000, in Atlanta, Georgia. After dropping out of high school, she was homeschooled by her family and worked as a hostess, which she quickly realized wasn’t for her. She’s not one to be bossed around! Woah Vicky still resides in Atlanta, Georgia, close to her family, though she shares content from different states, including Los Angeles, California, and Miami, Florida.

Why is Woah Vicky famous?

Woah Vicky first rose to popularity on the Instagram platform, on which she would share shots of herself with expensive cars and clothing. When well-known rappers such as Plies, Chief Keef, and even Snoop Dogg shared her post on their own platforms, she gained quick notoriety across the web.

She was also known for entertaining an online fight with Danielle Bregoli, also known as rapper Bhad Bhadie. Woah Vicky even released a diss track regarding their feud, which Bhad Bhadie responded to. Both Woah Vicky and Bhad Bhadie are known for their high tempers and ease to express their thoughts. Nothing’s left unsaid!

Though she was first known for using inappropriate language and putting on a “blaccent,” Woah Vicky has since shifted her approach to social media, though she remains controversial for many. Now, her content mainly shows her traveling or showing off outfits in various locations. She also shares her romantic relationship with her fans. Woah Vicky just wants to keep it real!

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Although she first got her claim to fame through Instagram, she has since built impressive followings across Youtube and Tiktok.

How rich is Woah Vicky? Star net worth

As of early 2022, Woah Vicky’s net worth is around $1 million, while her yearly income averages $100 000, although this is only an estimate. Net worths are tough to pinpoint, but this estimate includes any money she’s made through ads, brand deals, music sales, and her skincare brand. Woah Vicky can definitely be described as a self-made billionaire, even at the young age of 21. She’s simply worth it!

Woah Vicky social media presence

As mentioned before, Woah Vicky is active across Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok and boasts millions of followers on each of those platforms.

As a Youtuber, her channel has about 1.15 million subscribers. She uses the platform to share her music and various entertainment videos where she chats with people.

Her Instagram account has over 3.2 million followers. Her first account was deleted in the past, but she has remade it and has used it ever since. She uses this platform to share beauty shots and pictures of her and her boyfriend, self-proclaimed entrepreneur “John G” or @sirgabbana.

Finally, Woah Vicky’s TikTok account boasts over 8.2 million followers. She truly doesn’t leave any stone left unturned!

Does Woah Vicky have a kid?

Although Woah Vicky often boasts about her relationships online, she has never been pregnant and does not currently have any children. Her sister, however, got married to her husband in 2016, and they have one daughter together. Stephanie Waldrip, Vicky’s sister, is ten years older and lives in New York City. Due to their age gap, the two of them aren’t very close.

Stephanie Waldrip is most known for launching and running her own design label called “Waldrip NYC.”

Some have speculated that Woah Vicky might have a kid due to an event where she faked a pregnancy while dating rapper Papi JJ. The two of them split up after she accused Papi JJ of cheating on her. The pregnancy was proved to have been fabricated.

Woah Vicky arrested

In February 2018, Vicky was arrested for allegedly kicking a police officer during an altercation at the Four Seasons Town Centre in North Carolina.

The event was circulated across the web after video clips surfaced all over social media. Vicky can be seen being tackled to the ground while a nearby woman shouts at the officers to let her go.

Woah Vicky capitalized on the event by sharing her mugshot along with the hashtag #FreeVicky. The event was covered by many media outlets and resulted in a spike of followers across her accounts.

Woah Vicky’s strategy to influencer fame is simple: gain attention at any cost. Whether it’s shocking, funny, or offensive, she’ll go to great lengths to catch her followers’ – and haters’ – eyes. Will it last and bring her to the top? That’s what we’re dying to find out!

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