Instagram star Violet Summers Biography

4 April 2022

Roses are red, violets are blue… It’s not easy making your mark as an adult influencer on Instagram, but if she can do it, you can too! With strict rules and guidelines that can quickly get your account suspended, it can be a challenge, but with 12.3 million followers as of February 2022, it seems sexy model Violet Summers has unlocked the secret to keeping her content steamy AND Instagram-approved.

Famous for her risqué ass shots and various hobbies, such as skateboarding, acting, and traveling, Violet Summers knows exactly how to put her assets forward to catch her fans’ eye on social media.

From carefully crafted captions to engage her fans through her posts to influencer collaborations and news, it’s clear she’s skilled in the art of gaining followers and growing her audience.

Influencer pro tip 1

A young Violet Summers began her Instagram influencer career just over three years ago, an impressively short amount of time considering the following she boasts today. She also holds over 846 000 followers on Twitter and produces exclusive content for the Nudiez TV site and Fanzen platform, on which she offers her followers access to premium nude content.

Who is Violet Summers? Wiki and Bio

All-American girl Violet Summers was born on November 28th, 1999, in Texas, USA. She now resides in Phoenix, Arizona, where she enjoys working out and sharing her hobbies and daily life with her followers on Instagram and other platforms. Her personal life is everyone’s business! The adult film actress is a huge fan of traveling who often asks her followers for suggestions on where she should go next.

She began her career as an adult entertainer and influencer at the age of 19 and now runs a sizeable platform! Instagram was her first choice of social media to create content, but she has since branched out in order to reach a wider audience with various posts.

Although her family is believed to be quite religious, they are aware of her career path and support her on her way to conquering the adult entertainment industry.

Influencer pro tip 2

In 2020, sexy Violet Summers was named Penthouse Pet of the Month for April 2020 and appeared in the magazine as a cover model. Big news for her career!

Violet Summers net worth

How much is Violet Summers worth?

It’s hard to pinpoint Violet Summers’ exact net worth. Stars Gab evaluated it at $2 million in September 2021. Wiki, on the other hand, stated it was estimated at over $700 000 as of June 2020. Besttoppers also evaluated her net worth at $2 million in December 2021.

Her sources of income include Instagram brand deals, exclusive adult content, adult films, modeling. She began her modeling career when she was 17 years old.

Frequently asked questions

Is Violet Summers married?

As of February 2022, Violet Summers is not married and does not share any hints of a boyfriend with her followers. She enjoys her privacy, but she does collaborate with other influencers!

Violet Summers also enjoys experimenting with girls and has been in relationships with both men and women. It is currently unknown whether she’s dating anyone at the moment.

Does Violet Summers have Snapchat?

Right now, it seems Violet Summers is focusing her social media efforts on Twitter and Instagram, in addition to her premium content which can be found through her Twitter account. She does not mention Snapchat as one of her platforms.

What is Violet Summers’ age?

Violet Summers was born on November 28th, 1999, making her a Sagittarius in the Western zodiac. Some sources have however identified her birthday as November 28th, 1998.

How tall is Violet Summers?

Sources vary regarding Violet Summers’ height and measurements. She has been described as being either 5’2 or 5’4. Her weight remains unknown.