How FansRevenue helped three social media influencers monetize their fanbase

19 May 2022

With the rise of the creator economy influencer marketing, it seems that anyone with a solid fanbase can monetize their content to get the most out of their audiences. However, it can be trickier to establish solid marketing strategies when social media platforms have established strict rules and guidelines when it comes to adult content creators.

FansRevenue is an influencer marketing solution helping content creators get the most money from their followers. Experts manage influencer affiliate marketing campaigns for advertisers and support creators through every step of the process, from onboarding to content creation and campaign management. Here’s how they helped Sania Mallory, Jade Lavoie, and Hélène Boudreau, three adult content creators and OnlyFans girls, make over $300 000 in extra revenue over a year.

Prospecting, onboarding, and influencer relationship management

FansRevenue strives to be available and involved with influencers wanting to work with its services from the very first step of the process.

Prospecting begins with establishing contact with a content creator in order to gauge their goals and targets for their career and social media presence. The influencer is at the core of every decision in order to both guide them and allow them to establish their own milestones.

These points are discussed during regular meetings and conversations where the goal is to establish a strong, trusting relationship between the influencer and their marketing expert. Regular contact to clarify any points, answer any questions, or simply check in with progress is the key to building a solid base for the most effective campaign creation.

The end goal is simple: to establish a business relationship that will get the most money in the influencer’s pocket as possible. Options are laid out on the table, opportunities are discussed, and the gears are put into motion to move on to the following steps.

The onboarding process is straightforward, done through the FansRevenue app to provide the influencer with the simplest, most accessible experience possible. Technical support is also available throughout the entire process to ensure that every step is clear and no question remains unanswered.

Once the influencer is onboarded, they are provided with support and communication every step of the way. After all, their needs come first when it comes to filling their pockets!

While provided with insightful advice and tools to help them get the most out of their audience, their voice is always taken into consideration to ensure that their personal brand still shines through their content.

FansRevenue’s goal is to help with influencer growth by connecting influencers with brands and deals that best fit their content. At the end of the day, the target is to put them and their platforms forward.

Influencer marketing strategy planning

To oversee influencer marketing strategy planning, FansRevenue is involved through every step of the process, including brainstorming and creating content beyond the limits of social media platforms.

For example, FansRevenue provided dedicated and customized landing pages to each girl to help them convert more traffic and cash in a higher payout.

A website was also created for Sania Mallory and IamHely to centralize their platforms, social media links, and premium content. Nowadays, consumers are all about quick access, so creating one platform where each link is easily accessible is crucial. This strategy allows users to go through funnels and complete conversions or purchases quickly.

Various content such as exclusive interviews and videos were also conducted with the influencers to help them grow their audience, ultimately leading to more money in their pockets as their fanbase grows and expands.

Influencer marketing strategies and efforts

FansRevenue provides marketing support and strategies in various ways.

On the one hand, the service oversees management between creators and brands, helping advertisers connect with influencers and build strong business relationships right off the bat.

One of the strategies FansRevenue puts forward is providing influencers with monetized links in order to help them make money from their fanbase quickly and easily.

Once a content creator sets up that link and uses it in their bio, stories, or posts, anyone who clicks on the link earns the creator a commission. Jerkmate is a good example of a monetized link used by adult influencers such as Sania Mallory, Jade Lavoie, and Helene Boudreau. The girls use their Jerkmate link to invite fans to sign up for their next performance, and they earn a commission on promotion as well as the show itself.

By putting the famous “Link in bio” feature to good use, link monetization brings steady revenue from simple actions. It couldn’t be easier!

Jerkmate and JerkmateTV are advertisers with a strong relationship with FansRevenue and are two of the best offers to promote for adult content creators. Sania, IamHely, and Jade have built a strong business partnership with Jerkmate through the FansRevenue tool and regularly used their affiliate links to bring steady income to their pockets.