Solving the gap between
content creators and brands

Brands want to grow and connect with a broader audience in the most creative ways. Finding the right voice to build affinity for their products outside their conventional markets requires time and research.

As a Content Creator or Influencer, you’re probably aiming to make the most out of your content and leverage the strong connection you’ve developed with your fans.

Your challenges

Our solutions


Dealing with complex affiliate marketing platforms.

Easy access to self-serve affiliate programs now at your fingertips.


Unlocking new revenue streams beyond modeling/selling content.

Collaborations to promote complementary products without compromising your core business.


Driving sustainable income.

Payout models adapted to your business goals: Flat rate or Per sale for fast cash-in, or commission based for long-term passive income.


Finding reliable and lucrative brand partnership opportunities
(that pay off!).

A selection of renowned brands with proven records of high payouts.


Closing deals with such brands and maintaining solid relationships.

Payout models adapted to your business goals: Flat rate or Per sale for fast cash-in, or commission based for long-term passive income.


Dealing with heavy administrative and legal matters (contracts, invoicing, tracking, payments).

A strong digital marketing expertise: affiliate and influencer marketing hold no secrets for us!

We are unique juste like you

Being powered by Crakrevenue, the world’s most trusted and respected Affiliate Marketing Network, provides many advantages for Creators like you. We’ve built our credibility through 12+ years of experience building and nurturing long-term partnerships with now-thriving brands worldwide.

With FansRevenue, we no aim to leverage our expertise and give you easier access to lucrative digital marketing opportunities.

  • Easy to use All-in-One
  • Dedicated 360 Support
  • Self-serve Opportunities Access
  • In-House Creatives
  • Awarded Company

Meet the A-team

There’s an army of raw talents in the digital world. Our mission is to help those talents flourish and thrive with game-changing tools and support, thanks to some of the industry’s greatest minds! Here we are:

Fansrevenue team Fansrevenue team

& Events

We thrive on building strong, successful relationships in the digital world. Because humans are at the core of what we do, we never miss an opportunity to connect in the real world.

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Take advantage
of lifetime
income sources

Best Social Commerce
Campaign for Bluechew

FansRevenue worked with 7 world-class Influencers cumulating over 26M followers. Our team produced custom landing pages and creatives to destigmatize E.D. among young American adults and skyrocket sales through a seamless funnel. We’ve won this award in competition against major brands such as IKEA and Mastercard.

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Sales Representative Of the Year for Oli Tremblay

FansRevenue aims to lead the next phase of Influencer Marketing by empowering Content Creators with full-blown digital marketing services to generate engaging content and data-driven strategies.

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Whether you’re a Content Creator or a Brand driven by authenticity and results, we’re looking forward to working with you. Ready? Let’s get started!